CookieHub is deployed using a customizable JavaScript code that you can easily implement on your web site for free. The widget is GDPR compliant, requiring clear consent from users and allows the users to revoke or allow any cookie categories at any time.

Additional features and priority support are available for low monthly fee.

Yes, you can choose between few themes, customize colors, all text and control the position of each element.
In addition to all free features, you can enable geolocation which detects the client's country based on the IP address and only shows the widget for countries where cookie laws are present. You can remove the CookieHub branding text, view user consent reports and logs and have access to priority support.
You only need to seek consent from users where the GDPR regulation applies. If geolocation is enabled, the widget will only be shown for users that are in countries where cookie laws are in place. For other countries, all services and tags are loaded without any action from the user.
CookieHub only provides Cookie Consent Management Platform (CMP) that you can implement to your web site. If used correctly the platform will cover all sections of GDPR regarding consenting to tracking cookies. This may be sufficient for your company to be GDPR compliant, but the regulations cover many other privacy and security related requirements that may require further actions.

You should copy the code provided for you domain to all pages on your website or a shared template/layout if available. Once that's done you need to make sure you don't run any code that creates tracking cookies unless the user has allowed the related category using the JavaScript API, delayed JavaScript method or the GTM recipe provided. You can find detailed information about how to integrate to your site in our knowledge base.

If you have an active premium subscription we provide priority support and can provide information about how to complete the implementation on your web site.

Yes, the widget is available in 25 different languages and you can choose which languages you want to support in the portal.

You may find a solution in our knowledge base.

We offer priority support for customers with premium subscriptions. Create a new support ticket and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

We have optimized the widget to make sure it has minimal impact on the speed of your web site.

We don't collect any personal information about your end users and don't track any activity except anonymous consent log used to demonstrate user choices in case of a complaint as required in GDPR article 7.1. We use a cookie to store the user's preference, but it's not shared between web sites and not used to identify user behavior.

We don't distribute or sell any data about our customers or end users.

We don't offer any refunds; all sales are final. We however offer 30-day free trial on our premium subscription so that you can try our service before purchasing.